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LTD Benefit Disputes

Disability insurance can be purchased either by individuals or provided as part of group insurance offered by an employer. Its purpose is to provide you with some peace of mind that, if you become disabled and can’t work, you can still pay your bills.

Unfortunately, the sense of security that comes with having Long-Term and Short-Term disability insurance can quickly turn into a nightmare when your insurer either denies or cuts off benefits when you're too ill or injured to return to work.

The lawyers at Gowland, Boriss Injury Lawyers hold insurers accountable when they withhold or terminate benefits without lawful justification. Sometimes we can resolve the problem by assisting you in providing better evidence that will persuade the insurer to pay. In other cases we may have to sue the insurer to force it to honour its obligations to you. Most cases involve complicated legal issues, such as interaction with any applications for CPP benefits or other benefits and, where a final cash settlement is reached, tax planning issues. These issues require professional legal assistance to be properly resolved. Let the lawyers at Gowland, Boriss Injury Lawyers help you if you have been wrongfully denied the disability insurance benefits to which you are entitled.